Blackpool Beach North Shore is a beautiful view point for Irish sea. 

Blackpool Beach North Shore is a mere 150 meters from the front door of the New Kent B&B hotel. The invigorating breeze that comes from the sea straight to our front door is invigorating. I must ask “Is there a more pleasant place for me to visit?” Or for you to stay? A fantastic place for all the family, whether it is for the quiet of the North Shore, the noise, partying and excitement of the South and Central shores. Blackpool there is definitely something for all.

Northshore Beach Blackpool

Blackpool Beach North shore

Although it is stated that the Blackpool Illuminations only stretch for 6 miles along the promenade Blackpool beach covers around 9 to 10 miles of the coast line which many consider to be Blackpool albeit this includes Blackpool, Lytham, Bispham and Cleveleys leading up to Fleetwood.

Taking a stroll, a leisurely walk and even something a little more energetic like running or cycling Blackpool’s North Shore attracts many all year round. The views are spectacular with an ever changing sunset.

Blackpool Sunset

                        Sun set in Blackpool

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As many would say “seeing is believing” well some times believing does come with seeing and the views from the Beach in Blackpool really do take you breathe away. Blackpool Seafront is astonishing at times and a sheer delight to leisurely stroll along.

Beach at end of Knowle Ave

                Beach at end of Knowle Ave

Need more? The view in the other direction then.

North Shore Blackpool

                     View towards Blackpool


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