The Punk Rebellion Festival Blackpool this year takes place 3rd to 5th August 2018.

Talk about letting your hair down and relaxing. The Punk Festival Blackpool will be back again this year and many will be doing exactly the opposite. Parents have always told us that in our day, “We would never have done that!” Well the parents of today and possibly a few Grand parents certainly DID and will still DO!

Spikey hair, ripped clothes and Pogoing! Today’s youth are quite tame in comparison possibly? Sticking two fingers up at society and the establishment Punk was an urban street culture that was denounced by the press and many of the peers at the time. However strangely enough Punk changed the face of music like no other.

Punk Rock Blackpool

Punk Rock Blackpool

To inquire about tickets for this event please visit the Punk Rebellion website or if you wish to just browse available tickets please use our Ticket Master search below. Blackpool Hotel



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