The Weather Blackpool – a law unto itself

The weather Blackpool can be different from the rest of the UK and why? Well this could be due to the vast open enclave that Blackpool finds itself in. However, first and foremost the weather really does differ.

Whether the sun is out or the sky has opened and rain is pouring the view is amazing.

Met Office web link below in the picture of the beach.


Blackpool sun shine

               Blackpool sun shine

The brisk breeze that hits the shore lines does on many occasions go right though you however it is so revitalising and refreshing I never get bored of it. Wrap up well in the summer and very well in the winter.

I feel the sunset is one of the best visuals of the weather in Blackpool


Sun setting over the Blackpool Coast

One of my passions is watching the sunset, the sky turning red in several places with the clouds separating and the patterns emerging across the sky. The pictures were all taken at varying times and years on my walks and strolls along the front.


                                      Sunset over the sea in North shore

Strolling the promenade at sunset is one of the reasons I have never become tired of my time in Blackpool. Daily walks with the children are a great family bonding time and now with the invention of Pokemon GO, the kids done moan any more!



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